Location: Nerpio

Nerpio Mountains

Nerpio is probably the southernmost point in Europe with minimal light pollution.  It is a protected area with very high biological and landscape value, without any air pollution.  Its peaks, around two-thousand meters high, represent the ideal location to set up a telescope.

In this environment is where amateur and professional astronomers find their most valued treasure: clean and dark skies.

The location itself, together with its access to electricity and high-speed Internet, are an unique combination where AstroCamp has set up its hosting site.

Looking at the light pollution maps, which include direct light generated by human activity and reflected light scattered by clouds, we can see that the location is ideal.

How to reach the site

Nerpio is a small town in the midst of nature and away from highways.  However, it is located very near holiday areas on the coastline.  A number of international airports are close at hand and a dense network of highways reaches close enough to Nerpio, but not too close to disturb. Two hours from the beach to the telescope site!